U.S. Abortion Statistics

The American Holocaust: Abortion

The following are some disturbing statistics about abortion in America:

Of the 1.6 million abortions performed in the U.S. each year, 91 percent are performed during the first trimester (12 or fewer weeks' gestation); 9 percent are performed in the second trimester (24 or fewer weeks' gestation); and only about 100 are performed in the third trimester (more than 24 weeks' gestation), approximately .01 percent of all abortions performed. 

Approximately 1.5 million U.S. women with unwanted pregnancies choose abortion each year. Most are under 25 years old and unmarried. Women who are separated from their husbands and poor women are more likely to choose abortion than other women. More than two-thirds of the women who seek abortions have jobs. Nearly one-third are in school. More than two-thirds plan to have a child in the future. 

Approximately 6 million women in the U.S. become pregnant every year. About half of those pregnancies are unintended. Either the woman or her partner did not use contraception or the contraceptive method failed. 

Each year more than one million U.S. teenagers become pregnant — one in nine women aged 15-19 and one in five who are sexually active. 

In 1988, the teenage pregnancy rate  was 113 per 1,000 women aged 15-19. The rate was 74 per 1,000 among those aged 15-17. 

50 percent of teenage pregnancies conceived in 1987 resulted in a birth, 36 percent in an abortion, and an estimated 14 percent in miscarriage. 

The number of abortions for every 100 live births showed a gradual decline since 1980 (35.9) to 1992 (33.5). The number of legal abortions increased slightly from 1995 (at 1,210,883) to 1996 (at 1,221,585). This is an increase of 0.89 percent. Since the national population increased by about 0.92 percent from mid-1995 to mid-1996, the abortion per-capita rate has decreased slightly. 

CDC figures for 1995 show that 20 percent of women having abortions are in their teens; 33 percent are ages 20 to 24, and 47 percent are ages 25 or older. 

Eighty percent of women having abortions are single; 60 percent are white; 35 percent are black. 

Eighty-two percent of the women having abortions are unmarried or separated. 

Almost half of American women (43 percent) will have an abortion sometime in their lifetime. 

Source: Planned Parenthood, National Center for Health Statistics

     Can you imagine?

       HALF of all the pregnancies in America are unintended! Almost half of the women in America will murder a child in their lifetime through an abortion. It's a disgrace to America in the eye's of God. We are a wicked people, stiff-necked, and full of sin.  Why should God bless a wicked nation such as the United States? We pride ourselves for our good deeds, while washing the blood off the other hand. The American government interferes with everyone else's business around the world, but we can't even solve our own domestic problems. Social Security is a nightmare run amuck. Federal debt is so massive that it can no longer be paid down.  American prisons are being built faster than ever.  We are headed for national bankruptcy. 

LIFE DIGEST: New York City still U.S. abortion capital

We murder our children through abortion. We love violence and pornography on TV and the movies. We love gambling. We love alcohol and dirty dancing. We love fools that make a mock at God and anything holy (all the late night comedy shows). Nearly everything centers around immorality, sodomy, lesbianism, blaspheming God and fornication. God is no longer blessing America. We are headed downhill fast. Only a complete idiot would fail to see clearly that we are fast losing our freedoms and rights as American citizens. The police state is here (and it's growing fast). We are living in the last days no doubt, spoken of in the Bible. Are you ready to meet God?

Evil is poring out upon the United States and the world like never before. Los Angeles is the pornography capital of the world, spewing more filth than Sodom could ever have imagined. Sodom would have repented Jesus said, but not America! Las Vegas is unbelievably wicked. All major and mid-sized U.S. cities have become crime zones saturated with illegal drugs, prostitution and street gangs. Hell is being unleashed. Everything on television is lewd, apostate and sick-minded. Same-sex marriages were legalized in July of 2011 in New York state. Homosexuals from around the nation can now get married in New York state. God bless America? Are you insane?

Few people realize that elite globalists (occultists, the banking cartel, Luciferian worshippers, puppet politicians, Communists and a host of other scum) have sold their souls to Satan in order to work toward achieving World Government. I recently watched several hours of video documentaries exposing THE TRUTH ABOUT COMMUNISM by G. Edward Griffin. This is the most accurate documentation of Communism I've seen, exposing them for the lying, murdering, monstrous, scoundrels that Communists are...

Edward Griffin: The Truth About Communism (2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13)

Communists attack the family. They turn children against their parents, God and national sovereignty. Communism robs the working man, denies the existence of God and promotes eugenics. As hard as it is to grasp, in 2011 over 2,000,000,000 people in the world are suffering under Communist rule!!! Communists figured out a long time ago that America wouldn't be so easy to take by force. So instead they turned to stealth methods of subversion, introducing Rock music and feminism to engineer women to murder their babies by abortion, divorce their husbands, pursue careers instead of homemaking, freeze their eggs instead of motherhood, and the end result... lesbianism.

The New World Order (World Government) unfolding before our eyes, highly visible since the 911 attacks in New York. Truth is stranger than fiction. Satan is the spiritual force behind World Government, which he's been planning since the tower and city of of Babel (Genesis 11:7-9). This is why The Great Pyramid (pictured on the reverse of every U.S. dollar bill) was left unfinished by the Egyptians.

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