What Separates Pensacola Christian College From True Christianity

By David J. Stewart | May 2023

Galatians 4:16, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Proverbs 29:9, “If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest.”

Matthew 18:12, “How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray?”

       The dear heartbeat of our precious Savior is that ALL LIVES MATTER! That is the greatest thing that I loved about Pastor Jack Hyles, that he loved the unlovable 1%. Dr. Hyles gave the 1% a second chance, and a third chance and a fourth chance. When an arsonist burned the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, to the ground in the 1960's, Pastor Hyles refused to file charges against the man. I cannot say that I even agree with that, but that is love friend. Dr. Hyles loved the down and out, the rescue mission men, the poor and the bereaved. That is what separates true Christian living from the phonies and hypocrites who merely go through the motions of playing church.
Having said that, Pensacola Christian College (PCC) is one of the most hateful, unloving, uncompassionate and hypocritical religious institutions in the world today! I had attended Campus Church on the camp grounds of PCC for a few months in 2021. At the time I was in much pain and both body and soul. I wrote a very sincere letter to Pastor Jeff Redlin, sharing my many years of grief, divorce, failed necks surgeries and explained that I was alone, living out of a suitcase in a cheap hotel in Pensacola. Tyranny is rarely seen except by those who are oppressed by it. Ask the 1% who fall through the cracks of the machine at PCC how they feel about PCC, and you'll get a very different and honest view of their cult.
To my dismay, he had nothing to say about the numerous issues I shared with him, all he focused on was one little statement where I mentioned as a 54 year old man, that I hoped to find a wife at Campus Church. He replied by scolding me for coming to church to find a wife. However, I never said that this was the reason for coming to Campus Church. I simply said that at such a big church, I hoped I might meet someone to marry. I was deeply hurt by his insensitive cruel remarks, for which Pastor Redlin never did apologize. He gave the standard “any offensive remark was unintended” type of lame insincere response. They have huge egos at PCC.
Pastor Redlin also made numerous other hurtful remarks. I eventually felt unwelcome and hurt by Redlin's carnal callousness and woeful lack of love or compassion, for a hurting human being. I couldn't have been more friendly, kind and I made it clear that I wanted to be a blessing to PCC and Campus Church. You see dear friend, the 1% are not welcomed at PCC! After I left the church in sorrow, feeling horribly mistreated by Jeff Redlin, I posted a bunch of critiques on social media, as a way of getting his attention in hopes that he would change his wicked ways. In my heart I didn't care if I ever went back, because of the hatred as a divorced person that I felt at PCC.
One 43-year-old longtime PCC staff member of 23 years, told me that I would never be accepted at PCC as a divorced single man who desires to remarry. He told me that many divorced people either leave, or avoid coming to PCC completely, for this very reason. Remarriage is taboo in the PCC camp. Sadly, PCC literally expects a man to relieve himself when feeling his libido, rather than to remarry. PCC wants you to buy a lot of boxes of Kleenex and use your pillow to relieve your urges, than to, God forbid, get remarried after 15 years of being divorced. The inspired Holy Bible teaches in 1st Corinthians chapter 7 that a man should be married to prevent the sin of fornication in the church, and also the Bible teaches in this same chapter that it is better to marry than to burn with lust. Yet, at PCC they are a cult of married and remarried people who reject divorced single people. It is utter hypocrisy! PCC cherry-picks the inspired Scriptures to fit their unbiblical agenda. 
Pastor Jack Hyles performed weddings for divorced people, because he understood that people are sinners and life must go on. It is not reasonable nor even biblical to expect a divorced person to remain single. In my case, my former and only wife abandoned and divorced me in 2006. I did everything in my power to stop the divorce, but she refused to reconcile, which I have in writing with her ungodly signature on it. I forgave her long ago, but she alone is the culprit in our divorce. I hate divorce! God hates divorce! Dr. Hyles is right, who said that divorce is a sin that perpetuates for a lifetime.
PCC abuses divorced people in their self-righteousness. It is easy for a happily married person like Jeff Redlin, to condemn and throw divorced people like me under the bus for desiring to be married again. That is so wicked and wrong! Right in front of his wife, Pastor Redlin told me one Sunday morning (after the church service) that even if I did find a woman to marry, he would never perform the wedding. That hurt. It also hurt that he embarrassed me in front of his wife. I had emailed him in confidentiality 10 DAYS earlier, simply asking him if as a divorced person if I was welcomed at Campus Church. He never responded. So I kindly approached him on Sunday morning to ask when he would respond to my email from 10 days ago. This is when he said he would never perform a wedding for me. But I had never asked or even hinted that I wanted him to perform a wedding. I had only known the guy for 2 weeks! This is so sad and unfortunate, that PCC has no tolerance or room for hurting lonely divorced people at their Campus Church.
Having said all that, I missed my friends at PCC. I missed Judy (a PCC graduate who is crippled in a wheelchair), and her Dad Jerry and her Mom Pat, who came from New Jersey to live in Florida near PCC. I miss Colleen, who teaches in their ABEKA program. I felt bad for criticizing Jeff Redlin, but was still upset at him for being insensitive and uncaring. So in July of 2022 I mailed three handwritten letter to Campus Church and PCC, to apologize (not for what I said, but that I had said those things). But knowing that Pastor Redlin had been abusive and by all indications didn't care about me at all as a hurting human being, I first waited to see if he would respond, before removing my criticisms from social media.

Redlin ignored me completely for 6 long weeks. So in frustration I started criticizing them again on social media. Why should I remove my criticism of PCC, when they are guilty of everything I have written about them? Only when I started critiquing them again, did Redlin contact me to let me know that I am banned from attending their church, saying that my “remarks were consequential.” What Pastor Redlin doesn't realize, or care to realize, is that his remarks are consequential as well. God heard the cry from Abel's blood crying out from the ground after Cain murdered him. God heard the cry of hurting people from the wicked city of Sodom. And God hears the cry of victim's of the abusive authoritarian PCC culture.
GOD HEARS THE CRY!!! God hears the cry of Samantha Field. God hears the cry of hundreds of grieving PCC alumni, who were mistreated and traumatized for life by the prisonhouse of strict rules without love or compassion at PCC. God hears my cry against Pensacola Christian College (PCC) and their ungodly Campus Church pastors, who love money far more than they do individual people. There is no genuine love at PCC or Campus Church for individual people! You are required to dot your i's and cross your t's perfectly, as the arrogant PCC leadership gods require, or else you are OUT THE DOOR!!!
There is an old true political saying that goes: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” U.S. President John F. Kennedy said those words. Likewise, by PCC refusing to peacefully make a path of restoration for fallen and hurting disgruntled students and church members; they make it inevitable that those hurting people become PCC's enemies, harshly critiquing them publicly on social media. PCC does this to themselves!

Case in point is PCC graduate Samantha Field. Like Samantha, I feel nothing but contempt, hatred, rejection and a holier-than-thou bad spirit from PCC. They refuse to forgive me. They refuse to communicate with me. They refuse to reconcile or make a path of restoration for me. I have humbled myself to contact them in an attempt to make the peace, but they won't lift a single finger. What does that say? It clearly says that PCC has so much money and people available, that the 1% of hurting and frustrated PCC victims mean absolutely NOTHING to them.

Neither PCC or Campus Church leaders will speak with me. They are exemplifying the Devil's way of handling things—just ignore people and hope they'll go away! Well, I am not going away, I am going to be a part of the PCC family one way or the other. If they won't allow me to attend Campus Church, then I will express my negative views of their cult on social media. But God knows that I tried, and am still trying to reconcile with the PCC family. Unfortunately, they hate my living guts!!! The Lord knows that if PCC contacted me today, offering an olive branch of peace, I would cry and accept their offer, resolving this ongoing dispute. The problem is that they don't give a damn at PCC!!! I have only been banned from one place in all of Pensacola, at Campus Church and PCC. That is how the hateful Jehovah's Witness cult are—full of paranoia and hatred for people outside their cult!

Today I posted a heartfelt appeal on PCC's Facebook page to please let me come back to Campus Church. I kindly said that I love the PCC camp, but Pastor Jeff Redlin refuses to reconcile with me as his Christian brother. The senior pastor of Campus Church is sinfully holding a grudge against me, and has banned me from attending Campus Church (since August 2, 2022). I couldn't have been more sweeter and respectful. I even used the word “kindly” and “respectful” in my post. PCC's hateful response was to immediately delete my post and block my Facebook account, so that now I cannot even read their posts. That is HATRED dear reader, not the unconditional love of God for every living creature. God cares about people, animals and all life. That is not to say that animals are the same as humans, because they are not. But God is a good God, not abusive. The Lord doesn't ignore hurting people who plead for restoration, forgiveness and a second chance.

Jesus said in Matthew 18:22 to forgive each other, not 7 times in a day, but 70 times 7 times. Literally, that means unlimited forgiveness for one another. Thieves (or perhaps a thief) broke into my car this week and stole $400 worth of my stuff. They even stole my beloved King James Bible that I bought at Campus Church at PCC. The thieves got all my personal study notes in my Bible, which I cannot replace. I hate thieves, but I love people. I have already forgiven the thieves, even praying for their salvation. I have God's solemn promise that those thieves (thief) will be held accountable in eternity (Ecclesiastes 12:14). No one ever “gets away” with doing anything wrong (Hebrews 4:13).

That definitely includes today's incompetent ungodly pastors, who wickedly pervert THE TRUTH, adding requirements to be saved which God does not require. Jeremiah 23:36b, “...for ye have perverted the words of the living God, of the LORD of hosts our God.” Jonah 3:10 says that turning away from one's evil ways is WORKS. Jonah 3:10, “And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way...” Turning away from one's sins to be saved is WORKS!!! You cannot be saved by WORKS. Romans 3:20, “Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.”

The purpose of God's Old Testament LAW is to give humanity the KNOWLEDGE that we are guilty sinners. We all need to see our desperate need for the dear Savior (Galatians 3:24-26). The only part which the law plays in a person's salvation is showing us our need to be saved, and then the law points us to Jesus Christ to be saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. We are saved by BELIEVING THE 'GOOD NEWS' (GOSPEL) that Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross, buried and then bodily resurrected from the dead after three days (1st Corinthians 15:1-4). BELIEVE IT, oh sinner, and the work is done!!!

I was outside all day Saturday installing new COBRA security cameras around my home, in order to hopefully deter and catch the thieves. As I was working, I saw a couple young black guys walking along the street. Like most people, I tend to think the thieves were black, simply because of their negative reputation in society. But as a Christian I know better than to stereotype a group of people, because that is wrong. Every person should be judged by their own merit, and not by the color of their skin. Both of the young black men looked rough, like gang members. So what did I do? I could have said, “I'm watching you punk!” That would have been very wrong to do. What I did (and this is what I ALWAYS do) is, I kindly waved at them as my neighbour. That was my way of showing them that I am not a racist. And if one of them did break into my car, then God will convict their heart and punish them. A righteous man ALWAYS gives others the benefit of the doubt. It is wicked to insinuate that somebody did something wrong without any solid evidence to support that hunch.

Years ago, I was playing my Hawaiian steel guitar one Saturday around around 10 am on Guam, at Asan Beach Park. I was the only one there. I didn't notice, until a female park ranger asked me, if I had seen who vandalized the park, ripping up dozens of newly planted coconut trees from the ground. I hadn't even noticed, and told her the truth that I didn't see anybody. Someone must have done it during the night. She wickedly didn't believe me, and accused me of pulling up the trees. I was hurt by her accusations. Since she couldn't prove anything, she couldn't do anything, but it deeply hurt my feelings that she suspected me just because I was the only one around. God knows that I love people and don't do things like that. She was younger and evidently inexperienced. The Girl Scouts had planted the trees she said.

She would fit in well at PCC, the way they abuse people. I lived on Guam for 17 years, and I often saw the local Chamorro police horribly abuse and talk harshly to men from Chuuk, Palau, Yap and other neighboring islands. The indigenous Chamorro people don't like them because they bring theft, drunkenness and other problems to Guam. Still, they are human beings for whom Christ was willing to die on the cross. My guess who vandalized those coconut trees is that one of the mistreated native islanders might have done it, and I wouldn't blame them, but I truly don't know.

Last week I heard a young Ukrainian woman sob as she spoke about being victimized by a thug Russian soldier, who sexually assaulted her. The journalist kindly asked what she was feeling toward the wicked soldier. I admire her great answer: “God will hold him accountable.” Yes dear woman, God sure will hold that wicked male accountable. No one can sin and escape God's wrath!!! Even believers who have escaped the penalty of eternal damnation, must still be judged by God for sins committed (2nd Corinthians 5:10-11; 1st Corinthians 4:6). Whether saved or unsaved, all humanity must answer to our God and Creator. Hebrews 10:31, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

Having said that, God hears the cry of PCC's victims and will hold PCC accountable. The worst thing PCC is doing, is they ignore hurting people, when they should be reaching out in compassionate love in an attempt to restore people to fellowship with the saints. It is because my heart wants to be at PCC, that I am so hurt and upset that they just continue to shun, ban, ostracize and ignore me.

If the local newspaper printed a big article about how a local man is being shunned and banned from attending Campus Church, I'll bet PCC leaders would react, and they would invite me back to church. But I am just a nobody, and PCC knows it, so they treat me like taking out the trash. That deeply hurts! PCC has tens of millions of dollars. They have tens of thousands of supporters. So who am I? Dear reader, I am a child of the King, a redeemed adopted son of God, an imperfect work in progress! Why doesn't PCC know this? Why doesn't PCC care? Please feel welcome to let them know how you feel, or better yet, kindly ask the pastors of Campus Church why they refuse to reconcile with me. Why won't they make a path of restoration for me, when I have pleaded kindly with humility for one?

jRedlin@campuschurch.com and info@campuschurch.com

PEOPLE JUST WANT TO BE LOVED!!! I love that true statement. We all just want to be loved. Sadly, by their refusal to seek restoration with me, they are only proving that PCC JUST WANTS TO MAKE MORE MONEY!!! Truly, the love of money is the root of all evil. It is because PCC has so much money and people (the 99 sheep), that they flagrantly throw the 1% of lambs under the bus and leave them for dead, forgetting that they ever lived. I have been horribly blocked by Campus Church and PCC on Facebook. I cannot even read their posts anymore. That is how PCC deals with hurting people like me and Samantha Field, they just block us out, condemn us, blame, ostracize and forget that we ever existed. How convenient for PCC.

Thankfully, there is a God up in Heaven! There is a wonderful just God who sees all, and will deal with all humanity accordingly as individuals (Hebrews 4:13; Romans 14:10-12). Romans 14:10, “But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.” Why has PCC and Campus Church set me, their Christian brother, at ought? I am still willing to reconcile and remove all my remarks from social media, if they will simply forgive me and let me come back to church. I will do whatever they require, but they are holding a grudge of hatred against me, while they hypocritically play church 3 times weekly and sing songs to a God they don't respect. Listen friend, you absolutely do not respect God if you do not regard your Christian brother or sister.

I kindly mentioned in my PCC Facebook post today that thieves broke into my car this past week. You'd think that someone would have sent me a message to express sympathy. Instead, they blocked out my account. That is typical PCC behavior—to blame and ostracize the victim of PCC's authoritarian prisonhouse of religion!!! All I humbly requested, in the most humble of language, was for PCC to allow me to attend their Campus Church. But instead of showing good will, Christian love and an excellent spirit of seeking restoration, they threw me under the bus and drove over me. That is pathetic! If the rotten pastors of Campus Church were right with God, they would have already contacted me in an attempt to rectify this ongoing matter. But instead, sadly, the overpaid yuppie hypocrite pastors at PCC banned me from coming back. So we are at war! Real Christian people at PCC, huh? Truly, PCC's leaders are no better than heathen thug lawyers who treat people like trash.

Here you can read what their own angry alumni are negatively saying about PCC:

“Don't go here if you're a Christian; they don't actually follow the Bible. They just use it as an excuse to treat people like trash.” —Danielle Tate (2016)

“This institution did more to harm my personal development than any other. As a 38 year old professional, I still bear the scars of how I was treated by this harsh, unloving, uncaring college.” —Greg S (2015), a former abused PCC student

“17 years later and I'm still shaking off the trauma. So many extra-biblical rules it'll make your head spin. Great place for Pharisaical training if your into that. The rule book has more rules than the Bible.” —Jorn Anderson (September 2022), former mistreated PCC student

“Pcc is the worst school ever. It was a complete waste of my time and money. They kicked me out for going to the wrong Sunday school class. And that was a year ago. They still will not release my transcripts which has put me behind in my college career. They schools not be called a Christian college if they cannot even live by what the Bible has to say. If I was able to take it all back and not go there I would in a heartbeat. I am warning you if you are thinking about going DONT DO IT!!!!” —Gavin Bufford (2017), abused former PCC student

“I'm a 2018 graduate of PCC and I went here for all 4 years. It's really sad that this place calls itself Christian, its legalistic places like pcc that give Christians a bad name. They do have a lot of rules regulating most areas of life. I was treated very poorly and rude by several "Christians" on staff and faculty and I saw many of my friends treated the same way. I've personally seen people who were once people I would hang out with, when given positions of leadership become legalistic monsters taking joy in getting as many students in trouble as possible, and this is done in the name of Christ! As a student you are guilty until proven innocent and can be kicked out just because someone accuses you of something.” —Nick Harrison (2019), a mistreated PCC alumni

“It is NOT a friendly environment. All they care about is rules instead of encouraging and building you up in your Christian walk.” —Hannah Elizabeth Kirchhoff (December 2022), mistreated former PCC student

“They call themselves Christians, but Christians are supposed to show compassion and patience.” —Angela (January 2023), mistreated former PCC student

“In retrospect, I thank God for not having the opportunity to attend here (Pensacola Christian College) and myself for not making the decision to enroll.” —Richard Deuto (January 2023

“Crackpot unaccredited school.” —Meryl Montgomery (November 2022)

You know, the way that we treat people really does matter! Since PCC has the praise of the 99, they couldn't care less about the 1%. That is what separates PCC (a horrible Laodicean type of lukewarm private money-making institution) versus a genuine New Testament local church. “Campus Church” is a disgusting misnomer; they should be honest at PCC and rename it to “Campus Chapel,” because that's what it really is—a place for cult members to meet to be further indoctrinated. God knows that I am a loving and reasonable man, but I hate bullies! PCC are bullies!!!

When I attended Campus Church in 2021, I was sickened when Pastor Jeff Redlin announced that there would be a meeting that week, teaching how to become more effective while witnessing, and then he said that there is a required $10 charge to attend. Redlin gets paid well over $100,000 a year (an outrageous 6-digit salary), and he is charging people $10 to learn how to share the Gospel? What a crime against Heaven! SHAME on Pastor Redlin and all the pastors of Campus Church.

They have rottenness in their bones. I sincerely tried to become friends with them. I kindly explained to Pastor Redlin (and PCC leaders whom I wrote separately), that I am 56 years old and on disability for cervical stenosis and radiculitis in my spinal cord. I asked for an opportunity to serve in their church ministry. I made it abundantly clear that I need a church family and just want to be a blessing. They refused! Like little brats, PCC leaders cannot see beyond their huge egos, petty prejudices and misguided thinking.

So this is where it all stands, unfortunately, and we are enemies. I tried again today to make peace with PCC, by posting my humble request to come back to Campus Church on PCC's Facebook page, but they blocked my account instead in their religious hatred. If anyone thinks evil of me, I will say it again, so as to be very clear in this matter—I am still willing to reconcile with the PCC family; but if they foolishly feel that once feelings are hurt and people are offended that it is over (as Pastor Marty Herron's stupid way of thinking), then that is on them. They are no better than the heathens who refuse to forgive and reconcile with one another in the world.

You see dear reader, the PCC camp have been spiritually BLINDED by their worldly success. That is exactly what happened to the church of Laodicea. Let's read what Jesus said, shall we! ...

Revelation 3:15-17, “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:”

PCC has tens of millions of dollars. In 2018, PCC gave $25,000 to the Lighthouse Baptist Church on Guam, for the church to use it anyway they chose. I thought that was beautiful of PCC to do. Albeit, PCC cannot whitewash their evil deeds by their good deeds. PCC supports Ken Ham's Young Earth Creation circus fallacy. I seriously doubt if Ken Ham uses his $37,000,000 a year to help churches. I know one thing, Ken Ham's damnable false plan of salvation is sending people to Hell. Sadly, PCC wickedly bids Godspeed to Ken Ham and his corrupt Lordship Salvation gospel. Ken Ham has been invited to speak at PCC and Campus Church numerous times.

SHAME on PCC for partaking of this religious con man's evil deeds. You cannot show me anywhere in the inspired King James Bible where it requires a person to “turn away from your evil ways” to get to Heaven. Ken Ham is WRONG! He is embellishing God's simple plan of salvation, adding a requirement which God does not demand to be saved. The Bible teaches the exact opposite, that Christ came to die on a cross to pay for our evil ways. Eternal life is a free gift (Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:8-9). So where did Ken Ham get the false idea (a doctrine of demons) that more than faith is required to be saved? He got it from the Devil. Faith is the only righteous thing that I can do.

I could say so much more about how PCC is dropping the ball for God. Since they have so much money and influence, their leaders have become cocky, highbrowed, holier-than-thou, looking down on others. No doubt in their spiritual blindness they would deny such a claim, yet by their immature behavior they are proving everything that I have said against them is 100% true. The day that they attempt to make peace with me, which I am still trying to do with them, I will believe their sincerity. But for now, all I see is fakes! PCC are fakes!!! They are fake news!!! The mantra of Campus Church is: “Loving God! Loving People!” What liars!!! What dirty clown liars! They refuse to even communicate with me, despite my numerous apologies and humble requests to reconcile with the PCC family. How is that loving people? How is that loving God? No, PCC are liars! They talk the talk, but they do not walk the walk. Your talk talks and your walk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks!

Thank you for reading my heartfelt words. God knows that I love the people at PCC. I do want to respect their leaders, but because they have shown nothing but hatred, contempt and rejection of me as a hurting human being, it is difficult for me to respect such rotten hypocrites. Dear reader, I cannot impress enough upon your heart the great truth which Jesus teaches in Matthew 18:12, “How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray?

A godly Christian cares about the 1% who have gone astray. Money-hungry religious leaders only care about the 99%. Jesus commanded us in The Beatitudes (or, the attitudes that should be), for us to love our enemies. The Lord said to pray for those who despitefully use us. He said to love those who hate us. What a wonderful Savior! Yet, at Campus Church and Pensacola Christian College they hate me. They refuse to love me, and I have no doubt whatsoever that they never pray for me. You can tell if someone is praying for you by how they treat you. PCC shamefully treats me like trash! They treated Samantha Field like trash! Pensacola Christian College expelled student Allen Armentrout, after he was found to be demonstrating in favor of a statue of Robert E. Lee, three days after violence erupted at the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. You see, at PCC you have no individuality. They own your butt from the time your enroll until the time your graduate. Sadly, PCC's abusive authoritarian culture mimics the BITE model of cult mind control and abuse!

Pastor Jack Hyles said it best:

“The pastors have destroyed the churches, and they've been trained by people that have never built churches, and they have no compassion.” —Pastor Jack Hyles, “Many Pastors Have Destroyed My Vineyard

PCC has tons of money, lots of fans and an incredible amount of influence, which has sadly blinded them spiritually and made it so that they don't need, want, pray or care about the 1% who fall through the cracks. PCC has a horrible reputation of expelling students on a whim, for the smallest of offenses. That is arrogance and stiff-necked pride, not esteeming others better than our self as the Bible teaches. Philippians 2:3, “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.” That is not the Lord's way! That is not real Christianity! That is the world's wicked way, to only love those who love you first.

Pensacola Christian College is far more resemblant of a controlling religious cult, than they are of a New Testament Bible-believing Christians. You can gauge any religious institution by how they treat the 1% who need extra love and help. My former and only wife abandoned me in 2006. My life has been a train wreck since. I literally begged for their love, compassion, understanding and help from Campus Church's pastors, but they shamefully refused. Broken repentant sinners are not welcomed at PCC, only goody-two-shoes hypocrites who think they are better than people like me, king David in the Bible and Samantha Field.

PCC is condemning me based their own self-righteousness. That is of the Devil. God knows that I am not the one refusing to reconcile, Pastor Jeff Redlin and PCC leaders refuse to cooperate. They are literally placing themselves in the place of God, deciding who matters and who doesn't. I feel nothing but hatred from PCC's bigoted, unchristian and haughty rotten leaders. PCC is just like Hollywood, falling all over themselves with self glorification and self praise. But in the real world, PCC is viewed as a cesspool of bigoted haters, intolerant religious nuts who don't give a damn about hurting divorced people, broken sinners or anybody who dares to question or criticize their almighty cult system at PCC.

There are a lot of Samantha Fields out there, crying out to God to be avenged of the uncaring incompetent cult leaders at PCC, who abuse people and treat hurting sinners like garbage. It does matter how we treat others! ALL LIVES MATTER!!! Only God can open their blinded apostate eyes and bring them to repentance at PCC. I am just a VOICE crying in the wilderness of cyberspace, hoping that someone will hear and listen. I pray that God will open their foolish eyes at Campus Church and PCC. Until then, by God's grace I will do the only things that I can do, which is to pray and “REBUKE THEM SHARPLY” that they might be sound in the faith (Titus 1:10-14).

Clearly, PCC is not sound in the faith for supporting Ken Ham's false gospel. PCC is not sound in the faith by expecting lonely divorced people to be alone for the rest of their life. It doesn't matter if you are 20 years old and divorced, PCC expects you to never get remarried. PCC doesn't care about your suffering, loneliness or pain, while they go home and enjoy their spouses. What evil hypocrites!!!

God knows my broken heart, that I just want to reconcile with the PCC family, but they are so self-righteous and full of pride, having giant egos, that they don't care about restoration or reconciliation. All that matters to PCC is making more money, and falsely praising themselves, so they can continue living the lie that they are pleasing to God. No amount of good works can compensate for mistreating people, the hurting 1% who need the most help. I can tell how good of a Christian you are by the way you treat your enemies, the poor, the difficult people in your life, and the way you treat those who can do nothing for you.

Today I was kicked off of PCC's Facebook page, which prompted me to write this blog. I am tired of the abusive behavior of the PCC camp, who arrogantly throw anybody under the bus whom they dislike. That is a form of injustice, by not giving someone an opportunity to make things right and be restored to fellowship with the saints at a church. Campus Church is a cult that selectively cares about people who pay them to care. That is so Satanic! Thank you for reading if you got this far. I really do appreciate that you read my humble blogs. God bless you friend! I don't enjoy criticizing PCC. I am a hurting sinner who just needs and desires to be loved, by a group of self-righteous professed Christians who shamefully have done nothing but reject, shun and throw me under the bus since 2021. What is wrong with Pensacola Christian College??? God will avenge me. Genesis 50:20, “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.”

Those who genuinely walk closely with God care about everyone, especially the needy 1%, not just the 99% safe in the fold. The true test of one's Christian maturity is not how much you love Jesus, but how much you love Judas. If you have a problem with that statement, you have a problem dear friend, because you fail to grasp the true heart of God, which is to unconditionally love everyone, regardless of who they are or what they have done. God is love. PCC woefully lacks love and compassion for people!

Tragically, to their utter shame, PCC doesn't give a damn about me as a hurting human being. There is no love or compassion at PCC, only rules, rules and more rules; and if you offend them in any way they will show you the door immediately, with no chance of restoration. I humbly offered to do whatever they require to make peace, but they refused. What does that say about PCC leaders? It says that people mean nothing to them. All they care about is protecting the cult's public image and luring new students into their cult. People just want to be loved.

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